Our Apologies (plus) We Need Your Help

The comments made from the bandstand at this evening’s concert were not the way that The Rockport Legion Band would have handled the issue of children’s deportment at a band concert. The person who made the comment will not be back this summer. He did, however, raise an important issue.

We would like your input on the way that children should behave at a public concert. Should they be allowed to run around and scream at will? Should they remain seated and silent throughout? Should they have certain places in the program that they have the freedom to do as they choose?

Over the past five years, the music directors of the band have made a concerted effort to raise the level of playing in the group. If you have been a regular attendee at our programs, we are sure you have noticed the improvement in the musical abilities of the band. The band spends six months of the year rehearsing for the eight summer concerts, all of which are different programs. We are not the BSO or the Pops, but would like to be recognized for the work that we do put in to entertain our audiences.

If you, as either a regular or an occasional listener would be willing to help us develop guidelines for our children, it would be of great help to us. Please leave constructive suggestions in our comment section.

Incidentally, I’m fine.

Steve Thomas, Music Director
Rockport Legion Band

3 thoughts on “Our Apologies (plus) We Need Your Help

  1. I enjoy seeing the children ran, play, or dance to the music. Parents need to be in control of their children and ask them not to yell, scream or whatever they may do to interfer with the listening audience.

  2. Kids should be allowed to run and dance and have a great time but the parents should make it clear to them that the only noise should be the music. Certainly that is not to say that there might not be an occasional scream but monitoring the behavior should take care of that. I think the dancing and physical expression is soooooo important to the appreciation of the music.

  3. Watching the children running and dancing round, laughing and giggling and having a grand time makes me wonder how many of their parents did the same in their youth’s. I have only attended the last 4 concerts but have not noticed any un-due ruckus or excess noise from the children. On the contrary, I’ve seen where children were asked to participate and run about the band-stand during certain pieces. And they do! I can’t think of any better way that these kids can show you that they like what’s happening and what they’re hearing! Both sides of the argument need to make concessions. This is a public and family friendly affair, open to all and sometimes things will happen. But regardless, these kids WILL grow up with a greater appreciation for the music then they would otherwise. I’ll bet some of your very own members were equally obnoxious in their own childhoods, but they turned out all right. Perhaps a brief note in the program asking parents to watch their children will be sufficient.

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