Thank You For Your Comments and Suggestions

Dear Listeners:

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions over the past few weeks. We have received many messages on both sides of the issue of the deportment of children at our concerts, and we value them all.

Many parents who have been coming to our summer programs objected to the fashion in which the issue of screaming children was “broached” at our first concert. Most of our band members agree that it was not the most politic way to address the question. They also feel that the issue did need to be addressed. The players in the band work too hard on the programs to have them seen as “throwaway” presentations, or just “background noise”.

On the other side of the question are the people who come to the programs to listen to the music and chat quietly with their friends and neighbors. They have commented that the screaming children are a great distraction to their enjoyment of our music, and many have been driven away because of them. After tonight’s presentation (7/31/11) a neighbor told the director how much she enjoyed the program, and the fact that she could actually hear the music made it that much more enjoyable.

Please feel free to bring your children to our concerts. They are always welcome and free to run around as much as they like, but remember that the band spends six months preparing for these concerts and would like to have the respect of our audiences. Most of our listeners would like to hear what we present without undue noise.

2 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Comments and Suggestions

  1. Wow, screamers? Why not have a Children’s Concert of favorite soundtracks or a costume contest early on so the little ones can go home afterwards.
    Our audience brings lawn chairs or blankets, and usually a picnic basket and most children can be told not to leave.
    i think that our audience would say something to kids, it never gets so bad here.
    There is one sure way to get a quiet audience and that is to go to area nursing homes. The people get so bored being there all the time.

  2. My wife and I travel some distance to enjoy the band concerts with my mother who is a local resident. It is sad that some parents feel that they are more important than the rest of the listeners. It is truly arrogant for people to behave this way. I was present when the band member couldn’t take the abuse any longer and blew off some steam. In fairness, his loss of manners was once, but the noise from untended children has been constant. There are a number of adults who could use a reminder to pipe down as well. Sometimes you can’t hear over their “self-important” conversations. You can still have fun and whisper. It’s a concert, not a nightclub act, folks, Go to Disney World instead and scream all you want.

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