Help Save An American Tradition.

There used to be a tradition in America — the town or community band. At the turn of the Twentieth Century, there were some 20,000 community bands in the United States, each serving its individual community, and maybe neighboring areas. Now, there are only about a thousand throughout our country. We are one of that thousand groups remaining.

If you are a musician who has (1) played in the past and is thinking of returning to your instrument, or (2) is playing currently and need an outlet for your talent, please consider joining us in maintaining this American tradition.

We play a mixture of music ranging from the turn of the Twentieth Century to current popular music, including marches, show tunes, arrangements of songs by popular performers, movie music, concert music, classic overtures, and so on. There is a listing of our last several years of performances on our page of “Previous Concert Programs”.

If you’d like to leave a comment or contact us about sitting in, please do so below or by e-mail. There is a link to a one-hour documentary about community and town bands in our blog roll (in the column to the right) titled “Meet the Band”. If you’re interested, give it a viewing. It’s not us, but it builds the case for why we do what we do.


1 thought on “Help Save An American Tradition.

  1. Hi Steve

    I have said this before but I will repeat myself. What the RLB needs is a “feeder” band – one that requires less skill than the RLB but would be a teaching/training situation for less experienced players. D. Benjamin does this in Gloucester with his community band, but this is a once a year situation. At the same time, he has no problem getting a lot of members, few if any come from the RLB (scheduling conflicts). People are out there who are at this time intimidated by the level of performance of the RLB.

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