The Rockport Legion Band is Recruiting!

We’re looking for additional players on ALL concert band instruments. If you were a competent player in high school or college and have “lapsed” in your playing, this is the place to get back to playing on a regular basis! If you are a current player looking for a regular rehearsal venue, this is it! If you play any of the instruments on our “Wish List” to the right, please contact us.

We do not audition or have a “play-in”. Come join us for a few rehearsals and see if you’d like to become a member. If you’re interested or have questions, please leave a comment to that effect.

You can “check us out” on any of our recording links — either Cape Ann Web or Jukebox Alive in the column on the right, or on our “Recordings” page at the top of your screen.


5 thoughts on “The Rockport Legion Band is Recruiting!

  1. would you have room for an additional alto sax or flute?
    I am a rookie(4 years on alto, 2 years on flute) but am serious
    about music and progressing. I am 35 years old and live in Beverly.


    • Hi Krystal,

      I’ve just assumed the site maintenance and don’t know whether you have a reply. If not yet, sorry it’s been so long. In any case we’d love to have another flute/pic player.

      John Bassett

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