The Rockport Legion Band has released two recordings on CD. Track listings for each disc are posted below.


(track list)

1.Galop Zip Boom
2.Pass The Pickles
3.A Santa Cecilia
4.American Cadet
5.Neola Waltz
6.Belle Of Chicago
7.General Mixup, U.S.A.
8.Soldiers Of The Queen
9. Watermelon Club Rag
10. Prince of Decorah Galop

II. PARADE! (2011)

(track list)

1.The Avenger (King)
2.The Iowa Brigade Band (Jewell)
3.Monia (Soglia)
4.On The Square (Panella)
5.Merry-Go-Round Galop (Rosenkrans)
6.Old 98:In memoriam, R.E. Puff (Thomas)
7.Radetzky March (Strauss)
8.Admiral Mayo’s March (Rosenkrans)
9.Erba (Soglia)
10.The Hoosier Club March (Sack)
11.The Baltimore American (Burton)
12.Il Cingiale (Soglia)
13.The HippodromeĀ  (Huff)
14.The Mad Major (Alford)
15.Visalia Galop (Richards)
16.Gollmar Brothers’ Triumphal (Huffer)

Samples from CD #2 are available HERE.

Both are available by mail or at our live performances.

If ordering by mail, please send a check for $14.00 (includes shipping and handling costs) to:

Ron Alpert, Treasurer
Rockport Legion Band
9 Norwood Court,
Rockport, Massachusetts 01966


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