Rockport Legion Band Featured on “Brasscast”

Peter Ryan and Lucas Burns, hosts of the international band podcast “Brasscast”, have selected the Rockport Legion Band to be featured on their program of September 6, 2009.

The program will feature five tracks from the RLB’s CD “We Are The Rockport Legion Band” plus an interview that will give listeners an brief overview of the band. The musical examples are:

Duble: Galop Zip Boom

Sousa: Belle of Chicago March

Allen: General Mixup, U.S.A.

Lampe/Park: Watermelon Club Rag

Lowrey: Prince of Decorah Galop

We are, of course, thrilled to be recognized and featured on such a widely-heard program. Peter tells me that they have over 40,000 listeners worldwide! Not bad for a little band from the edge of the world.

“Brasscast” has, unfortunately, ceased to exist (like many Internet enterprises), so the program is now available by clicking on the “RLB on Brasscast” link to our media player (Jukebox Alive!) in the right hand column.


Looking For Band Music in PDF?

Recently, there have been Internet searches that have arrived here, looking for specific pieces of music. If you have entered a title search for a piece of music and were directed here, please search our “Previous Concert Program” files. Unfortunately, there are no downloads or recordings of the music available. Some of the pieces in our previous programs are available free from the Band Music PDF Library. There is a link to them in our blog roll to your right.

Please check out this marvelous resource — there may be something there that you’ll find interesting. The library contains only music that is in the public domain here in the United States.

Two New Free Music Links Added

There are two new free music links in our blog roll: the first (“Rough PD Music”) features unedited PD music in its original form; the second (“PDF New Editions”) features PD music in modern instrumentation with full score.

If you’ve had a chance to look at (and maybe play) music from the original PDF Library, the new links are to the same types of music in different forms. If you have arranging skills, check out the “Rough” link; if you have a modern instrumentation, or players that do not transpose well, check out the “New Editions”. Enjoy — the music is fun.

More Free Concert Band Music

I have just added to our blog roll a link to the music of Arthur Lemos. Mr. Lemos is a composer and teacher from Texas. The link is titled “Free Modern Band Music”, as opposed to the link entitled “PDF Band Library”, which features music from the early 20th Century. Mr. Lemos is still living.

All of the music on his site is available for download; there are also many recordings of the pieces posted. These works would be ideal for a community or school band on a limited budget.

Please check out his music.

Thanks to the North Royalton Band Library!

We have received about twenty new pieces of music from the North Royalton (OH) Band PDF Library. These are (mostly) full arrangements for concert band, and are all in the public domain (that is, written prior to 1923).

This particular project arose from a series of donations to North Royalton (which is a community concert band in Ohio) of complete band music libraries. They are attempting to digitize as much of this music as possible and make it available on-line.

Some of the older selections do have an older instrumentation (sometimes no C Flute parts or any saxes, sometimes only Eb horns or tenor horns, etc.). The project managers are making some transposed parts available (in what they are calling “print and play” format), but this work is very time-consuming, so the majority of the music will require some adaptation on the downloader’s part.

If you are a director of a concert band of any type, you should seek out this marvelous resource. Their entire catalog is available for download and you can search for it by Googling “bandmusicpdf library”. There is also a link to the library in the column to your right.

Here are a few samples of music from the library as recorded by the Rockport Legion Band on it’s recently-released CD. SAMPLES