… And The Band Played On!

Concert #7 on August 23, 2015 brought rain, mist and fog and yet the Rockport Legion Band played on. Ben Fuller narrated Peter and the Wolf, Kiva Trumbour enthralled the audience with her vocal gifts and the Creagan More Pipes & Drums marched in and thrilled the crowd.

Thanks especially go to the audience whom braved the elements along with the Rockport Legion Band. Their presence and support, not only on the misty evening, but also throughout this entire concert season has made it all the more worthwhile.


2015 Rockport Legion Band

A few more of the faces of the 2015 Rockport Legion Band.

The Rockport Legion Band is Recruiting!

We’re looking for additional players on ALL concert band instruments. If you were a competent player in high school or college and have “lapsed” in your playing, this is the place to get back to playing on a regular basis! If you are a current player looking for a regular rehearsal venue, this is it! If you play any of the instruments on our “Wish List” to the right, please contact us.

We do not audition or have a “play-in”. Come join us for a few rehearsals and see if you’d like to become a member. If you’re interested or have questions, please leave a comment to that effect.

You can “check us out” on any of our recording links — either Cape Ann Web or Jukebox Alive in the column on the right, or on our “Recordings” page at the top of your screen.

First Rehearsal of 2012!

Our first rehearsal in the new year will be Thursday, January 5 at 7:30 P.M. in the Legion Hall. Where does the time go??

Bob Krause should be there to discuss our options for investment. This is an important topic for our future; we hope everyone will be able to make it.

We had an excellent performing year in 2011. Let’s hope our playing in 2012 is even better!

Happy New Year! Come Join Us.

Our first rehearsal of 2011 will be January 6 at 7:30 in the Legion Hall on Beach Street. If you’re coming to play with us for the first time, make sure you have directions by contacting us at our mail address.

We have some exciting new music as well as some gems from our library scheduled for the evening, so bring an extra set of lips (and a musician friend or two) and get set for an enjoyable couple of hours of playing.

We’re Recruiting!

We are looking for a few more players. Our permanent wish list is located in the column to your right, but we have section openings for four clarinet players (three Bb sopranos and a bass) and a flute or two in addition to the Wish List. We could also use an additional Euphonium (B.C.) player.

If you played credibly in high school or college, and would like to continue, give us a try. We have our general performance schedule and listing of past programs listed on other pages if you are interested.

Now’s The Time to Join Us!

We’re recruiting players for all of our sections. If you’re one of those “rusty” musicians who played a concert band instrument with some proficiency, but slacked off playing when you got out of school, please consider coming up to Rockport to join our rehearsals. If you enjoy the experience, consider joining our group.

From now until the end of April, we’ll be reading through all kinds of music: some new, and some really old. Some of the music we’ll use during our upcoming seventy-seventh season of summer concerts in 2010, and some we’ll decide we don’t want to keep in our library at all.

There are only a few scheduled performances during this time (see “General Performance Schedule” Page), so there is very little pressure on individual players “to perform” in public.

To your right (“Our “Wish List”), there is a list of our particular instrumental shortages. Please note that we accept all players. It’s up to the individual to determine if we’re the right group for them to join (degree of music difficulty, etc.), so come give us a try.